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Theatre Stage Drapes and Curtains

Theatre Stage Drapes and CurtainsShades and Drapery

On all of the Theater/Stage Drapes as well as Curtains cleaning require a Fire Retardant Solution to be sprayed on them after the cleaning, it is a Fire Code requirement.

Any type of Theaters will have to provide an existing certificate of flame retardant application, we do that. Unlike some other cleaning companies, we will not ask for extra to do this service, it really is included when performing the cleaning.

Theater/Stage Drapes and Curtains work as a filter holding flying dust particles, air-borne pollutants, chemical substances, and also allergens.

Unclean Theater/Stage Drapes or Curtains result in lowered indoor air condition that can terribly have effect on the health of any one who might be allergic or even very sensitive to dust and also dirt.

When your Theater/Stage Drapes as well as Curtains have started to “dry rot” they can not be maintained or repaired, so make sure you take care of them from time to time.

We carry out all on-site and off-site Theater/Stage Drapes and also Curtains Cleaning unless of course they can be far too massive to take off and re-hang. Sometimes it’s more affordable and more effective to clean these Theater/Stage Drapes or Curtains on site.

We have been cleaning Theater/Stage Drapes not to mention Curtains more than 20 years. Our practice is the only strategy to thoroughly clean Theater/Stage Drapes and Curtains.

Our Theater/Stage Drapes as well as Curtain's cleaning service is not like dry cleaners, our exclusive procedure is both ecologically and even fabric friendly.

We definitely assure we are going to not ruin your Theater/Stage Drapes and Curtains, making sure certainly no shrinkage with zero discoloration.

If you are not pleased with the end results we are going to take the Theater/Stage Drapes and also Curtains back, redo it and have it back instantly.

And remember…We as well distribute brand-new Theater/Stage Drapes as well as Curtains.

The Way We Work

We Arrange A Consultation To Provide An Estimate, Once You Accept, We Will Pick-Up, Thoroughly clean and Deliver Your Theater/Stage Draperies as well as Curtains When They Are Complete.

Pick Up and Delivery Remain Free of charge.

We Utilize Only Organic Products In Every Of Our Theater/Stage Drape as well as Curtain​​​​​​​ Cleaning Services or Even Provide Our Ultrasonic Cleaning Approach.

Feel Free To Call Us, E-Mail Us or even Chat With Us To Find Out More Or To Plan An On-Line or On-Site Estimation.

With us, Drapery Cleaning Brooklyn You Will Always Get Honest, Fast, Friendly and also Effective Service!

Ultrasonic cleaning is a technique that employs ultrasound (usually from 20–400 kHz) and a proper cleaning solvent to clean items even more delicately than hand cleaning.

The ultrasound could be used with a solvent suitable for the item to be cleaned and the sort of soiling present improves the result.

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