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Wood Blinds

Wood BlindsBlinds

Wood blinds give a comfy feel to any kind of window as well as build a classier look than the typical cloth, plastic, or vinyl blind which are available at most stores.

Nevertheless, wood window blinds demand experienced treatment when being washed and repaired. Luckily, using the appropriate company could save you time cleaning your Wood Blinds and guarantee they operate for the future.

We thoroughly clean and restore any hard Wood Blinds and Faux Wood Blinds. Un-Installed, Cleaned and Re-Installed back in just a couple of short days.

Here are a few strategies we employ cleaning Wood Blinds.

We apply a dry method to first dust down the slats, cords, as well as cotton strips.

We utilize powerful, eco-friendly, odorless cleaning solutions to improve the appearance of your Wood Blinds, which means they are cleaner, for a longer period.

After the Wood Blinds are completely dry we apply our custom made Wood Blind Oil Covering, this will shine the Wood Window blinds as well as help make them look newer much longer period and shinier.

If you find yourself not comfortable with the end results we are going to take the Wood Window Blinds back, redo it and have it back immediately.

And remember…We additionally provide new Wood Blinds.

Procedure of Cleaning Process

We Set Up A Consultation To Provide An Estimate, If You Accept, We Will Pick-Up, Clean and then Deliver Your Wood Blinds As They Are Complete.

Pick-Up and Delivery Are Always Free of charge.

We Apply Only Eco-Friendly Products In All Of Our Wood Window Blinds Cleaning Services and Also Offer Our Ultrasonic Cleaning Approach.

Feel Free To Call Us, Email Us or even Chat With Us To Learn More Or Even Plan An On-Line or On-Site Estimation.

With us, Drapery Cleaning Brooklyn You Will Always Get Truthful, Fast, Friendly and also Effective Service!

Ultrasonic cleaning is a technique that employs ultrasound (frequently from 20–400 kHz) and an appropriate cleaning solvent to clean items more delicately than hand cleaning.

The ultrasound could be used with a solvent appropriate for the item to be cleaned and the type of soiling present enhances the effect.

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