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Mini Blinds

Mini BlindsBlinds

Mini Window Blinds are available in ½”, 1” and 2” slat width.

We retail, thoroughly clean, record and also repair them.

Mainly because Mini-Blinds are manufactured from much smaller width slats they just do not come with cotton tapes, they have threads that run back and forth supporting the slats in position.

Mini-Blinds are well-known for being huge dust catchers because they spend their life front horizontally on windows.

The close-up of a filthy Mini-Blind can be very disturbing. You might want to feather dirt and dust your Mini-Blinds each week to manage their cleanliness.

The slats are detained up and then separated by thin cloth cords, thus brushing every slat one-by-one really would mean dusting four or five various sections.

Why do all the work, call us, we will remove, pick-up, clean and re-install your Mini-Blinds in under a week.

They get sprayed down with a truly effective spray equipment, but definitely not strong enough to damage the Mini-Blind.

If you are not comfortable with the end results we are going to take the Mini Window Blinds back, redo it and have it back very quickly.

And remember…We additionally sell brand-new Mini Blinds.

How We Do This?

We Arrange A Consultation To Issue An Estimate, If You Accept, We Will Pick-Up, Clean and then Deliver Your Mini Blinds As They Are Complete.

Pick Up and Delivery Remain Free of charge.

We Apply Only Green Products In Every Of Our Mini Blinds Cleaning Services or Even Deliver Our Ultrasonic Cleaning Strategy.

Feel Free To Call Us, E-Mail Us and even Chat With Us To Find Out More Or To Schedule An On-Line or On-Site Quote.

With us, Drapery Cleaning Brooklyn You Are Going To Always Get Truthful, Efficient, Helpful and also Effective Service!

Ultrasonic cleaning is a procedure that utilizes ultrasound (normally from 20–400 kHz) and a proper cleaning solvent to clean items more delicately than hand cleaning.

The ultrasound may be used with a solvent right for the item to be cleaned and the sort of soiling present increases the result.

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