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Luminette ShadesShades and Drapery

We have been one of the couple of firms that will wash a Luminette Shade.

Why? Simply because they should be managed with the absolute attention and can not be bent.

The fabric vanes are attached to a “paper vane”, as soon as they are bent the “paper vane” is going to be unable to return to its original condition which in turn will stay bent and also folded,

now the material are going to follow as well as remain the same way, this would completely damage the Luminette Shade.

That is why we are so cautious whenever washing them.

They get sprayed with a solvent and cleaned, a normal window size could possibly require anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks to be delivered to you and then re-hung.

A large amount liquid is going to damage this shade 100 %.

If perhaps your luminette shade is over 6 years old we may recommend our Ultrasonic Cleaning approach.

This washing method is required if a shade could be too delicate or gentle for regular cleaning procedures.

If needed we will steam the shade after it has been hung, if it has started to become wrinkled in any way.

If you find yourself not comfortable with the end results we are going to take the Luminette Shade back, redo it and have it back very quickly.

And remember…We additionally distribute completely new Luminette Shades.

How We Do This?

We Set Up A Consultation To Issue An Estimate, If You Accept, We Are Going To Pick-Up, Clean and Deliver Your Luminette Shades As They Are Complete.

Pick Up and Delivery Remain Free of charge.

We Employ Only Organic Cleaning Products In All Of Our Luminette Shade Cleaning Services and Also Deliver Our Ultrasonic Cleaning Course.

Feel Free To Call Us, E-Mail Us and even Chat With Us For More Information Or Even Schedule An On-Line or On-Site Estimate.

With us, Drapery Cleaning Brooklyn You Will Always Get Honest, Efficient, Helpful and Reliable Service!

Ultrasonic cleaning is a technique that uses ultrasound (typically from 20–400 kHz) and an appropriate cleaning solvent to clean items more gently in comparison with hand cleaning.

The ultrasound can be used with a solvent appropriate for the item to be cleaned and the kind of soiling present enhances the effect.

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