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We perform an absolute assessment of your window curtains and note down any kind of concerns such as spots, cuts or even intense fraying and so on.

We determine the suitable approaches for washing and also repair, and then provide you the details.

We then simply issue you a total price and also estimated period until they will be returned.

Once you confirm the washing, we move forward with the procedure.

We can thoroughly clean your Window curtains on-site or off-site, determined by the style of Curtains, material and how badly they are smudged.

When you have your Curtains cleaned with us we uninstall and re-install your Curtains for free.

In case you are not comfortable with the end results we are going to take the Curtains back, redo it and have it back instantly.

And remember…We as well distribute brand new Curtains.

How We Work

We Arrange A Consultation To Provide An Estimate, If You Confirm, We Will Pick-Up, Clean and Deliver Your Curtains As They Are Complete.

Pick-Up and Delivery Are Normally Free of charge.

We Apply Only Green Solutions In Every Of Our Curtain Cleaning Services or Even Provide Our Ultrasonic Cleaning Approach.

Feel Free To Call Us, E-Mail Us or even Chat With Us To Learn More Or Even To Plan An On-Line or On-Site Estimation.

With us, Drapery Cleaning Brooklyn You Are Going To Always Get Sincere, Efficient, Friendly and Effective Service!

Ultrasonic cleaning is a technique that utilizes ultrasound (usually from 20–400 kHz) and a correct cleaning solvent to clean items more gently compared to hand cleaning.

The ultrasound can be used with a solvent appropriate for the item to be cleaned and the type of soiling present boosts the effect.

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