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Roman Shades

Roman ShadesShades and Drapery

Typical cleaning of Roman Shades will take out allergies such as pet fur as well as debris, enhancing the condition of your indoor air, this will also take care of the appearance and durability of your shades.

You can do this by getting in touch with us, Drapery Cleaning Brooklyn, your qualified cleaning company.

We offer Steam Cleaning, Hand Washing, Hand Dry Cleaning as well as Ultrasonic Cleaning on most.

Our cleaning is delicate enough to not destroy the material but tough enough to get rid of stains that may have been there for a long time.

We perform hand washing or dry fabric cleaning on Roman Shades, depending on what they require.

We remove the shade and re-hang it after it’s delivered back.

We inspect all mechanisms to make sure they are performing their functions nicely and are up to par.

We confirm all the strings as well as rings are not damaged, torn or missing.

We take pictures of any previous damages, imperfections, stains that you may not have identified, additionally for a before and after look.

You are going to be informed through phone, email or even text on any specific additional service that may have to be executed before we proceed, only if you agree will we proceed.

Look and feel of your maintained Roman Shades will be excellent.

If you are not comfortable with the final results we will take the Roman Shade back, redo it and have it back very quickly.

And remember…We also provide completely new Roman Shades.

How We Do This?

We Set Up A Consultation To Provide An Estimate, If You Confirm, We Will Pick-Up, Clean and then Deliver Your Roman Shades As They Are Complete.

Pick Up and Delivery Are Normally 100% free.

We Employ Only Natural Cleaning Products In All Of Our Roman Shade Cleaning Services and Also Provide Our Ultrasonic Cleaning Method.

Feel Free To Call Us, Message Us and even Chat With Us To Learn More Or Even Schedule An On-Line or On-Site Quote.

With us, Drapery Cleaning Brooklyn You Are Going To Always Get Sincere, Quick, Friendly and also Reliable Service!

Ultrasonic cleaning is a procedure that utilizes ultrasound (generally from 20–400 kHz) and an appropriate cleaning solvent to clean items far more gently compared to hand cleaning.

The ultrasound can be employed with a solvent appropriate for the item to be cleaned and the kind of soiling present enhances the result.

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